Friday Happiness!

March 11, 2011

Happy Friday Everyone!!!  

So happy that the weekend is finally here and Peter is HOOOOOOME!  Yahoooo!  

Also very happy that I got to leave work early today!  ONE O'CLOCK!   I was happy because I got to go to the gym on a Friday which usually doesn't happen.  That makes Gym visit #2 this week...... but I did do some things at home on the nights I didn't make it.  AND I'm planning on going tomorrow morning.  So I'm good! 

So now it's almost 4 and I'm going to go get ready to SHOP with Peter!  This will be our second shopping trip together.  The first one was only a few weeks ago and it was a ton of fun.  I was surprised!  We were at the mall for almost 4 hours and it was such a successful trip.  

Peter is going to Cancun in a few weeks so he needs some new Summer clothes and I need some new work pants!  This is pretty exciting because the reason I need new work pants is because mine no longer fit!  


I've had my current work pants taken in by Peter's Mom multiple times and there's no way to "FIX" them anymore.  So, I am going to Express and I will be purchasing a few pair for my new (slightly smaller) tush... now I just have to decide which ones! 

I've always gone for the Editor style but I'm excited to try on all the different styles & colors and see what happens!  Wish me luck!!! 

After our successful (hopefully) trip to the mall we are having a Dinner Date night.  Crossing my fingers for something downtown.... preferably Green Room!  Mmm Mmm Mmmmmmm! 

Happy Weekending Everrrrrrybody! 

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