Florida Trip // Miami + Fort Lauderdale

July 4, 2018

Just like last year, I wanted to go see Miami again. We had such a great time last year and we really enjoyed sight seeing and drinking some delicious beer. Well, Peter did.... I was pregnant, so maybe that's why I really wanted to go again. I guess I mentally blocked out how overwhelmingly hot it was??? Peter said it was even hotter last year, but I was about to die this year. And like I said, I was pregnant last time... I don't know how I did it!?! We also realized that part of Miami is so not family friendly. I guess we didn't notice it with only Solomon last year, but this year with a baby and a stroller, was a different story. We couldn't even find a bathroom with a place to change a diaper. It was crazy. But, we did enjoy the city again. I just realized we wouldn't be going back for a visit until we had kids. Not babies. 

We found this adorable Greek restaurant, Meraki, while walking down a little alley full of restaurants. I'm not going to lie, the only reason we chose it was because it had inside seating with AC, haha! But, it was so good and the perfect little spot to start out trip in Miami. We ordered one of the big platters full of kabobs to share with an appetizer of spanakopita. It was all delicious!

We stayed at the same hotel again since we had such a great stay last time. JW Marriott Marquis is a great option in the downtown area of Miami since it also has suites, which made it the best choice for three adults and two boys. It's nice to have two big joined rooms for all of us, and Solomon got super spoiled since he got to sleep with Gigi the whole time. We also got to enjoy the concierge lounge for breakfast which was Solomon's favorite thing! Bacon, toast and fruit!!! Of course the pool looking over the downtown city was another favorite for Solomon.

After a little pool time we drove over to the Wynwood area to show Gigi all the beautiful walls covered in art. It was fun to show Solomon again also, since he didn't remember the trip last year. Again, it was SO HOT, but we made it through the concrete jungle trying to find the shade as much as possible. We also found some ice cream and a lot of beer along the way!! 

My mom's favorite wall!

Still a favorite of mine from last year!

& this is what group photos look like when Solomon skips his nap in the hot heat.

We found the cookie monster (I think? HA!) at the ice cream shop, and then Solomon was REEEAAAALLY excited to find Darth Vader at J Wakefield Brewing. & I was excited to try all the beers this time around! YUUUM!

Family photos in the same spot as last year, just with one more boy in our arms. This is the stuff that makes my heart almost burst and also makes me want a dozen more babies. 

After a couple nights in Miami, we drove over to Fort Lauderdale, since we were flying out very early Monday morning. We thought we'd enjoy a little more pool and some sight seeing around there before we flew home. By the time we moved there, we were all ready to be home, but we tried to make the best of it with a little sunshine and some good food!! 

Asher got in the pool for the first time, but he wasn't that into it. I'm sure he would have enjoyed it more if he had a little float to swim around in. He is definitely at the stage where he doesn't want to be held all the time since he can play unassisted now. 

One last brewery for daddy and some games for Solomon. This was probably his favorite brewery stop during our trip since he got to play a game with daddy. Then we had one last ice cream shop trip before we went back to pack up the room and get ready to leave for Greenville. 

Ending the trip with strawberry ice cream is always a good idea!! 

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