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June 15, 2018

This week definitely did not turn out the way I expected, thanks to a very nasty 24 hour stomach bug! UGH. It was my first time experiencing a stomach bug and I can honestly say it was the worst thing ever. I even told Peter I would gladly have an unmedicated birth again before a stomach bug. It was that bad. But, we are all alive and feeling much better now. Just in time for the weekend... we are going to take it slow and stay home to make sure we pass the contagious phase before seeing family for Father's Day. It will be a very happy Sunday, that's for sure! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend celebrating all your favorite dads! 

the calm before the storm on Monday, when taking photos of a peaceful sleeping baby was the most exciting part of the day. HA! I love his name blanket so much, such a sweet gift!

SO MANY HOURS spent in this playroom this week. Poor guy, I think he might be going a little crazy missing his normal busy schedule with his friends and cousins.

My view this friday morning with my hot tea and a cookie from that sweet boy. I love him!

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