hello summer littles.

June 21, 2018

one // ice cream parties in the playroom with the AC. My favorite kind of ice cream parties.... no sticky mess or sweat from the heat! 

two // packing up our suitcases from our big summer trip to Florida. It's so fun to pull out the cute outfits I've been saving for vacation!!

three // the way Asher's hair curls around his ears when he's sweaty outside. Poor guy, I feel bad because he will sweat within seconds of being outside, but the curls are so cute. I'm really hoping he will end up with a head full of curls like his big brother.

four // putting the boys to sleep before its officially dark outside is so weird. Also, something that I never thought would happen in our house, so its kind of awesome! It definitely does't happen every night, but its a game changer when it does.

five // iced coffee. Lots, and lots of delicious iced coffee during naptime helps me make it through these long summer days with two sweet boys. YUM! 

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