Asher // six months.

June 28, 2018

Our little marshmallow,
You are still squishy and lovable and I honestly don't know what we did without you. I know so many moms say this but it's true. You have added so much joy and happiness to our family. Your constant smiles and sweet little babbling conversations are the sweetest. Your brother still wakes up every morning excited to see you, and you love him so much. You are really enjoying sitting up and playing with him now. You even enjoy playing on your own some, which is a huge improvement. But, you're still a complete momma's boy, and I absolutely love it. I always said that your brother only wanted me when he needed his milk. You, on the other hand, want and need me all the time. The smile I get when I walk in the room is the sweetest most perfect smile. I love being your favorite person, for as long as you allow it!! You are definitely my favorite six month old, sweet boy!

I think he looks so much like his daddy in this sweet picture!!

There are days and nights that I feel overwhelmed by how quickly the past six months have flown by. Because you became such a big boy so fast, I don't feel like you were a tiny baby for long. All the newborn memories feel like they were forever ago already. It's such a bittersweet feeling, trying my best to soak in all the little things about you, while enjoying all the ways you are growing. Growing to be such a sweet and loving boy already. We really, really love you, Asher. You are just the best baby brother ever.


stats //  24.6 lbs & not sure in length since we are on vacation

eating // normally nurses every 3-4 hours and has had some avocado and likes it, but he always starts screaming for milk after he's finished eating.

sleeping // if he's not teething, he's still a great sleeper. I realized that he was having some teething pain when he wouldn't nap or sleep well at night. I started to use the Copaiba oil on his gums at night and he only woke up once again. That stuff is a miracle!! 

wearing // sizing is still so weird because some 9 month will still fit, but he's also wearing 18 month well. I was shocked that 18 month zip up pajamas fit him. He seems so much bigger in my arms recently too.
Also in size 5 diapers like big brother, which definitely makes diaper changes a lot less confusing in our house now!! 

firsts // got his first two teeth and now working on his third, rolling over, had his first trip to Asheville, riding in the shopping cart at the store, sitting up unassisted now, fought his first stomach bug, went to the library for a playdate and tried avocado for the first time.

favorite things // holding my face or hand while nursing (one of my favorite things too!), singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider, hugs from big brother first thing every morning, & still smiling all day long!

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