Solomon Says // 004

June 6, 2018

Time for another post with the funny and adorable things this sweet boy says lately.
I'll start with some of the random things he has said, that I was quick enough to save on my phone, before I forgot. There are so many, every single day, I wish I could remember them all!

piggy mommy // I was laughing one night, and I snorted (which definitely happens sometimes!), then he looked at me very seriously and said "No, mommy, you not a pig!" 

back scratch // my back was hurting so bad one day and I told him to be careful with mommy because my back was hurting. He then started to rub my back and said, "I need to scratch it, mommy?" I could have died, so sweet!!

compliments // Solomon is all about the compliments now and it's really sweet to hear them all the time. It started with him saying he loves my hair, which is probably because that is what everyone tells him when they see him. He was even telling Peter he loved his hair one night also. But, now he will say all kinds of things like.... I love your eyes, I love your shirt & even I love this sandwich mommy, thank you. It's pretty sweet!!!

& then some of the thing she says all day everyday. Or at least it feels that way, haha!

nunkin else // instead of something, it's nunkin. And it's so dang cute!!! "Mommy, can we watch nunkin else" 

what's that sound // if he hears something, he instantly puts his finger on his ear, then tilts his head and says "what's that sound?!" It's so funny and cute. He looks like a little old man who can't hear well. 

do I have teeth // ever since Asher has gotten his first two teeth, Solomon is obsessed with asking everyone if he has teeth. He will come up to them and give a big smile and say "Do I have teeth???", then he'll ask if you have teeth, once you you tell him he does have teeth. So silly! 

it's okay // anytime he does anything he shouldn't do, and knows he shouldn't do it... he says "I'm sorry mommy, it's okay!" I'm pretty sure he learned this because he would say I'm sorry for anything and everything for a while, and I would tell him it's okay. Now he tells me, especially when it's NOT ok.

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