weekly three.

June 8, 2018

Another productive and fun week makes this Friday a happy day & I'm so happy to say hello to the weekend. This one is a lot more laid back with less plans and I'm excited about it. I have some major cleaning and organizing goals around the house planned, so we'll see if I find the energy to do it... ha! Hope you all had a beautiful week and a fun weekend ahead!! 

Fun mornings with cousins on Tuesaday. It sure was so nice to spend some time with my cousin Joni and her sweet babies. So excited for them and their new home!!

My sweet little dog walker. He gets excited to help me with Bella and go see the pond! I get excited for Gigi to come over so Peter and I can have a date night.... helping out with puppy duty is an easy price to pay. 

The garden is giving us a lot of yummy treats lately.So many blueberries and several strawberries, but that fresh lavender makes me all kinds of happy!!!!

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