sunday funday.

June 4, 2018

Yesterday was a good day! We spent it at one of the prettiest breweries, eating delicious food, drinking some refreshing beer, listening to live music and fighting off all the bugs. Well, the bugs were annoying, but the rest of it was very good. I've been dying to get to Asheville since our babymoon before we had Asher, so it was really nice to get back up the mountain and enjoy the day. It's so nice to be a short drive away, especially for Asher since he still insists on screaming the ENTIRE TIME he's in a car. Lord, please change that soon!!! 

The hot summer days are officially here and it was definitely hot! But, watching this boy run around without his shoes and rolling on the grass and watching bugs made me happy. It's so cute to see the little boy in him growing and getting bigger! 

happy boy, as long as he's not in the car!! 

I know we will be back at Sierra Nevada soon, but I can't help but dream about the crisp fall days we can spend there later this year. Sorry, fall weather always has my heart!!! 

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