halloween birthday bash.

October 30, 2017

I have a feeling that my nephew Jaden will have several birthdays involving a Halloween party. Being born so close to such a fun holiday definitely helps with celebrating! Helping my SIL with the decorations was a lot of fun also, I really love to decorate for Halloween, since my mom always had so much fun with it when I was growing up. The party turned out so cute and we loved celebrating one of my favorite little guys. I can't believe he is a whole hand old already. Five, how is it possible???

The pumpkin painting was a lot of fun and a big hit. 

The food was also a big hit. I love a good brunch party... quiche, hashbrown casserole, waffles and some sweets with fruit! Mmmm, all with a hot cup of coffee.

The weather was also perfect for a bunch of kids to get some energy out and play outside. We were so glad that the rain held off and it only sprinkled a little bit here and there. 

I think Peter and his brother had as much fun as the kids with the obstacle course! 

Jonah and his little hand... this kid! I love him!!

We always say that Solomon is going to be on Ninja Warrior one day, so these pictures of him doing the obstacle course make me laugh!! 

And then it was cake time, and this is the face we get for pictures if we tell Solomon he can have cake if he smiles really big. I'm also super sad that I didn't get any pictures with the boys. I was so preoccupied behind the camera and waddling around the house with my big 31 week pregnant self. Ooops!

This sweet boy, he walked up to his mom during the party and said thank you for his birthday party. He is such a precious boy! 

Ending the party with gifts and his big boy bike!!! He was so excited, clearly. Love his big smile!! 
Happy Birthday Jaden! We love you so much!!!

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