pregnancy post // month seven.

October 24, 2017

Weeks 25-28

I am sadly so behind with these posts thanks to our busy schedule, but mostly the fact that the editing program that I normally use is no longer free. Grrr, so irritating. So, I'm gonna make do without the editing because I have to keep these memories in one space, even if they look a little different now! 

25 weeks:
  • Constantly have to pee. Like, all the time!!!
  • Beach vacation made the 25 week mark such a fun and relaxing week!
  • Can't believe we are almost finished with the second trimester in just a couple of weeks. 
  • Feeling large and in charge, ha!
  • Hot flashes are gone for the most part, thankfully. 

26 weeks:
  • Braxton hicks contractions all the time!!!
  • Not sleeping that well, waking up uncomfortable and having to move around to find a comfy position again. 
  • Asher is moving constantly when music is playing, just like his big brother did. 
  • We are officially calling him Asher now to see if we like it. I love it, Peter is still not 100% sure. 
  • Pregnancy brain is legit this week, I can't even think straight half the time!

27 weeks: 
  • Failed the first glucose test, just like I did with Solomon! Hoping to pass the second test, like last time, also. 
  • Felt the baby have some serious hiccups for the first time. They lasted FOREVER! 
  • Round ligament pain is bothering me again, mainly in the morning. 
  • Sore feet and legs every night, hot showers are helping me sleep some. 

Third Trimester
28 weeks: 
  • Welcomed the third trimester!!! Can't believe we are in the final trimester of pregnancy. I'm getting very excited to meet our baby boy. 
  • Not sleeping that well since I wake up with parts of my body numb and stiff. Makes mornings a little hard to get around for the first little while. 
  • I had my first acupuncture appointment for this pregnancy and loved it. Such a relaxing time!
  • Passed my 3 hour glucose test but dealing with an annoying UTI! It's been a rough week. 
  • Spent the day in Asheville for our anniversary and I was shocked at how worn out I was. The difference from our day in NY (which involved a LOT more walking) and this trip was crazy. 

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