Goals // 10.17

October 3, 2017

September Goals
1 // finish setting up the playroom - I'm so happy with how the playroom is coming together. I still have a lot of organizing and labeling to do, but it has been great so far, and Solomon really enjoys having a playroom now. He'll even tell us to come play with him. 
2 // begin the Galatians study - I did not start the Galatians Study like I was hoping but I have some hopes for this month and establishing a new routine with my quiet time in the morning while Solomon is quietly playing also. I want him to see him read my bible and know that it is a part of my day to day life. 
3 // spend more time outside with Solomon - now that the weather is fabulous, we have been spending more time outside. It makes him so happy, and as long as it's not blazing hot, I'm happy too! 
4 // get out the fall decor and decorate the house - YEP. All the Halloween/Fall decor is out in the house. Makes me smile! 
5 // share our complete weaning process - still not finished. This is a big work in progress for me and I will share it eventually when I have time to finish it! 

October Goals
1 // consistently have my quiet time in the morning 
2 // enjoy a day away with Peter for our anniversary
3 // start working in the baby's room
4 // drink more water
5 // go apple picking & pumpkin picking

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