a trip to Justus Orchard for apples.

October 16, 2017

We had such a FUN Friday afternoon at the Justus Orchard!! The ride was a perfect hour for a great nap on the way, so Solomon was refreshed and ready to explore, and pick some apples with his cousins. I love that they get to create these memories together, now that they live in Greenville, too. This was actually my first apple picking experience and I loved it. I do wish we would have gone a little earlier in the season so we could have found more apples, but we still had a great time. The prices were also a great deal, and we ended up buying a huge bag of apples from the store, along with what we picked. The Justus Orchard is such a beautiful place, and the weather was great, which made the afternoon even better!

This cute boy kills me.... I mean, come on. I know he's mine but gosh, he's adorable. Just a warning, I have WAAAAAY too many pictures on this blog post but deciding which photos to cut has never been my strong suit, so I just decided to use them all! These boys and the beautiful scenery and memories made it hard to pick.

Jonah ate at least three apples during our time at the orchard!!! 

I love this photo so much, all three babies in one shot!! 
I can't wait to meet my niece after the new year!

Strong boy pulling Solomon, and Jonah helping... I love them!

The real highlight of the day.... YUM! & I bet you wouldn't believe that the two little boys didn't even want to try one, and Jaden spit his bite out cause it was too sweet. They preferred the apples instead. HA! Weirdos. I gladly ate their part, but don't get me wrong, the apples were pretty great as well! 

This little duck loved the apples too!! We weren't sure if he was allowed to have them but he loved helping Jonah finish his apple. He ate the entire thing, core and all. We were also excited to see some goats and feed them some apples. 

Family photos, my favorite thing!

Jonah and his very own apple sign, this picture kills me! He's soooo cute!!!

The way these two love each other makes me so happy. I love them to pieces!

I thought it would be fun to retake this shot again, next year, once we have two more little babies in our arms! 

Solomon didn't really understand the whole standing up straight for the ruler thing. 
The photo next year will be even more exciting, I'm sure! HA! We had such a fun afternoon, and I highly suggest going on a Friday afternoon if you can. It wasn't very busy and we could take our time and enjoy it. 

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