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October 5, 2017

Almost seven months since my last Day in our Life post. Crazy how much has changed in that amount of time. Over half a year has flown by, and my then big boy, is even bigger. It's so crazy to look at those pictures and see just how tiny he was, compared to how grown up he is now. My belly is bigger too, thanks to the second babe joining our little family. I know all the little details of our day will be so important to look back on, so I really love sharing these posts. 

10.04.17 // wednesday
6:30 - Solomon comes in our room and gets in bed with us, like most mornings, but oddly enough he falls back to sleep. 
This rarely happens now. 

7:30 - Peter leaves for work and wakes me up with a kiss. I get up to get ready for the day while Solomon snoozes in the bed. (Typically, Solomon will go downstairs with Peter and eat breakfast while I get some extra sleep, then I will get up when Peter leaves for work. Like I said, this day was very odd because I got up to get ready, while Solomon decided to sleep in.)

8:10 - I turn off his sound machine and try to let him wake up gently on his own while I get my coffee and do my makeup downstairs. Turning off the sound machine is usually the easiest way to wake him up. 

8:35 - I have to go wake Solomon up and get him dressed for my morning bible study. He has woken me up every morning for WEEKS by 7:30 at the latest, until today when we have to be somewhere at 9, of course! 

8:45 - we leave the house and he eats his larabar for breakfast in his car seat with a fruit squishy pouch. 

9:03 - we make it to the bible study almost on time, somehow. He loves coming on Wednesday mornings since all his best friends are in his class! 

best friends, having little best friends, is so much fun!!!

11:00 - we leave the bible study to go home and have lunch with daddy! Solomon gets to eat a chocolate sandwich since he slept in his room all night. We are trying to reward him for sleeping alone with a treat to see if he will continue the good habit. 

the flowers in the glass vase are from the night before when Peter took Solomon outside to play. They came knocking on the back window with the flowers in hand for mommy. I loved it! 

11:40 - Peter gets home and heats up left over pizza for lunch and shares some with us. Peter spends his lunch hour watching the news and hanging out with Solomon so I can clean up the kitchen some. 

12:40 - daddy has to go back to work and Solomon and I have some playtime and clean up the playroom before naptime. 

1:15 - we head upstairs to change his diaper and change into some clean clothes to sleep in. We also read a book before I rock him to sleep.

1:35 - Solomon is asleep for a much later nap than normal. He's usually asleep by noon now days since he wakes up so early, but today's 8:30 wake up threw things off a bit. 

1:40 - I fold some laundry as I watch the latest episode of This is Us.

2:30 - Peter comes back home from work so I can go to my dentist appointment while he stays with Solomon as he sleeps. It was a quick appointment and I was on my way home by 3:20. 

3:45 - soon after I got home, and after Peter went back to work, Solomon woke up from his nap. We take a snack outside and play some baseball in the front yard. 

4:30 - we come inside so I can start dinner and get things straightened up before Peter comes home. Solomon has some TV time after I start the soup in the pot. 

5:00 - I relax with Solomon in the living room as he plays and watches some tv. His favorite thing right now is jamming with his cardboard guitar. So funny, I love seeing his imagination grow as he learns to pretend. 

5:30 - my mom comes over to have dinner with us and watches Solomon as we go to our small group. 

6:00 - Peter gets home from work and we sit down to eat before leaving for our group meeting. 

Wednesdays are really good days lately, starting with a bible study, and then ending with our community group! 

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