pregnancy post // month six.

September 15, 2017

Weeks 21 - 24

21 weeks:

  • The kicks are getting much stronger and other can feel him moving around now. 
  • The strangest thing keeps happening, I will feel the urge to sneeze and I'm almost sneezing, then the baby will kick and the sneeze will go away instantly! It is so weird and happens several times a day.... 
  • Having a lot more energy now, but still need a nap around 4-5 each day, or I'm exhausted at night. 
  • The sisters are sooooo sensitive! Which makes cuddling and hugs with Solomon so painful, which is so sad!
  • My hair is so thick and full of body, it's amazing!!! 

22 weeks:

  • Feeling several Braxton Hicks contractions at random times. I don't remember having them last pregnancy but I might not have known what they were then. 
  • A lot of long hot walks in Charleston made my hands swell a bit, even when drinking a ton of water. 
  • Noticing my stomach move when the baby moves or has hiccups!

23 weeks:

  • Wiped out by the end of the day if I don't have a nap. 
  • Stomach got noticeably larger, even family members noticed it. 
  • Lots and lots of movement, he definitely loves to kick and squirm around!

(kept forgetting to take a photo this week!)
24 weeks:

  • So many hot flashes!!!! I'm constantly sweating, it's unreal. 
  • Baby is waking me up in the night with big kicks and makes me get up to use the bathroom or he won't go back to sleep. 
  • Strangers are asking when the baby is due now, which is crazy because I'm never brave enough to ask other women that question!
  • I've been so emotional thanks to all the hormones and Solomon not sleeping well at night thanks to his molars and growing pains. He's also starting to become more emotional because of the pregnancy I think, thankfully he is still so sweet and talks to the baby all the time. 

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