Goals // 9.17

September 1, 2017

My favorite month in all the year.... the best month ever!!! I'm so happy to see you!

August Goals
1 // organize Solomon's room and clothing - we still have some furniture to switch around and put together, plus some artwork to change, but I have done a lot of work in his room. All his clothes are sorted and organized, so that's great! I'm excited to do the last bit of changes and share his new "big boy room" here on the blog, soon.
2 // share the complete weaning process since we are officially finished - still working on this and I will share all the details (mainly for my memories sake) soon! Warning, it's a LOOONG post.
3 // finish planning Solomon's second birthday party - so excited to celebrate our almost two year old with our friends and family!! There has been a lot of work put in for the party, and I really think it will be a great time for all the kids, especially Solomon!
4 // begin a set time a day with Solomon for pre-school activities - I underestimated the busy schedule in August, and September really isn't any different. BUT, I did get some pre-k activity books to start using with him. I want to become more consistent with it on a weekly basis and make learning fun in our house.
5 // announce what our second little babe will be - as you all know, we are having another boy!!!! I'm so excited! We shared the news HERE, in case you missed it!

September Goals
1 // finish setting up the playroom
2 // begin the Galatians study
3 // spend more time outside with Solomon
4 // get out the fall decor and decorate the house
5 // share our complete weaning process 

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