toddler littles.

July 26, 2017

Our little monkey is a full on toddler. I know I've been saying that for a while now, but each day it is more evident to me. He is a mess, a sweet and crazy, mess. 

one // while playing and running around the house, he will randomly look back at me and give me the sweetest most adorable grin. It's the cutest!!!

two // over the past several weeks I've realized that we have a rough night of sleep if he doesn't have a bath before bed. I've never wanted to give him a bath every single night, but if it helps him sleep all night, we'll do it! 

three // my grandma watched Solomon for a little while this morning when I needed to run an errand. When I called on my way back to check on them, he wanted to say hi so she gave him the phone, he then said "hi mommy", and it was this crazy overwhelming feeling. I have a kid. Not a baby, but a full on toddler kid. He can say hi mommy to me on the phone. How does this happen so quickly?!?!

four // with the allergies I've been fighting lately, I've been sneezing randomly throughout the day. Anytime I have a big sneeze, he stops what he's doing to say bless you. I've have to try and record it sometime!

five // he's constantly hungry and comes to me and says eeeeaaaat with a big smile. We have to have several snacks throughout the day to make it to lunch and dinner.

six // since I've been pregnant I crash almost everyday around 4. I've learned the easiest thing to do is let Solomon have a little TV time so I can also rest my eyes. Even on days that I don't need a nap, he insists that I lie down for night night. He brings me the pillow and says lay, night night, mommy and then gives me a kiss. He may just want to watch TV but it's still pretty cute. The picture above is our TV time today.

and this one also, even if he's not lying beside me he wants to touch me somehow. Absolutely kills me!

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