Florida Trip // Boca Raton

July 5, 2017

I was so excited to visit Boca Raton and stay in the amazing Boca Resort while Peter was working and speaking at an event. Traveling with our little family of three is seriously one of my favorite things to do. Peter and I were talking at the end of our trip about how much we enjoy it and I was telling him how thankful I am that our little man loves to see and do with us. Vacations have definitely changed, don't get me wrong, but they are so much better now that Solomon is with us. (Although, I am looking forward to a little babymoon night away in a couple of months with just Peter!) He is such a fun kid and I honestly enjoy spending time with him. I told Peter that I'm so thankful that I really like our kid. HA! I know it sounds weird, but he is one of my favorite people to just spend time with. His personality is coming through more and more as he's getting older and I just really enjoy getting to know him. Parenthood, it's the best, am I right?!? Anyways, Boca was beautiful and I barely noticed the heat thanks to all the amazing pools and the beach. It was such a treat!! 

The best time of the day, everyday, for Solomon! The bus ride to the Boca Beach Club. The ride back, which always ended in Solomon asleep on my chest, was my favorite part! ;) The ride to the club was just a short 7-8 minute trip but Solomon really enjoyed it. We even took the boat on our last day in Boca and he was begging for the bus instead. It was so nice to have options for the ride over to the beautiful club. The pools and beach access were so gorgeous and we loved our first day on the sand with daddy before he had to report to work. It was nice to start out trip, and end our trip in Boca, with some time at the Club with Peter. Solomon was definitely in heaven!

This boy is still dreaming of the beach. He's definitely experiencing the post vacation blues around here. When we pulled onto our street early monday morning, he started screaming, and it was not an excited happy scream. We asked him what was wrong and he just said BEEEAAAACH. Then at my mom's house, he was looking out the window and she asked him what was he looking at. He said beach. And even right this second, he came over to the computer and asked to see.... he's now saying BEACH, over and over. Poor guy. 

Spending some quality time exploring with daddy during his breaks from work! I'm so thankful for the chance to tag along with him for this trip, and then extend our stay into a little vacation in Miami. I'm so blessed that Solomon and I get to go away with him sometimes. I'm wondering how that will change once the next baby arrives, I'm hoping we can still make it happen sometimes! 

More on the rest of our trip in Miami tomorrow!

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