backyard days.

April 6, 2017

It's spring and the backyard is starting to look like it! Peter is working in the garden, the chicks are living in their new coop and Solomon is even more obsessed with being outside. He says "Siiiiide" constantly and wants to "ride biiiite" all the time. Oddly enough, he never really wants to ride the bike. Just look at it, and point exclaiming BIIIITE, then run away playing. I'm really going to try my best to spend more time with him outside, even though it is not my thing. I'm also going to devote some time in the yard with my mom so we can work on the flower beds together. She lives in a town home community without yard work so she is always itching to dig in my yard. I gladly let her, and she loves to go shopping for the plants and flowers while I pay for it all. HA! It's a win-win for her green thumb, yard loving, heart. I'm excited for a beautiful weekend and I'm hoping to finish getting the yard ready for the Easter Egg Hunt Brunch with my family next weekend. I'm so excited to host it this year!! 

this picture of Solomon trying to help and give Peter his gloves kills me, he's the sweetest little thing!

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