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April 11, 2017

Spring time is just begging for a Taking Stock post & since it's been a while since my last one, I thought it would be fun. I do love these little posts so much....

Our first harvested asparagus from the garden!!! 
They are good fresh, but I'm excited to roast them tonight for dinner. 

Making // the dining room table look pretty for Easter!!! 
Cooking // brunch on saturday and lunch on sunday for celebrations with family!
Drinking // grapefruit la croix, but I'm only allowing myself to have one a day.
Reading // nothing much, no time besides the quick devotional I have while rocking my baby to sleep.
Wanting // a vacation to the beach?!? Who am I?
Looking // forward to our little trip to Asheville next week, though!
Wishing // I didn't love naps so much. It really makes my To Do list less important.
Enjoying // time on the deck lately, I want to spruce it up & Anna from in honor of design is giving me so many ideas with her beautiful deck!
Liking // how much Solomon has been eating recently, It's kind of amazing!!
Wondering // about our first Air BnB experience coming up, I hope it goes well.
Loving // time at the gym!!! I'm so happy that my mom asked me to do the March challenge with her, it has been such a great and needed change!
Hoping // the weather turns around for next week. Rainy vacations aren't as fun as pretty and sunny ones!
Marveling // at how quickly this year has gone by already. 
Needing // to sort through my closet and start packing..... I love packing, but I really hate unpacking.
Smelling // the yummy young living oils in our house. I'm excited to learn more about them and use them for cleaning products also.
Wearing // size 6 jeans again. High five to that gym membership!
Knowing // that Solomon's sleep routine is such a HUGE blessing lately. It's amazing!
Thinking // about how to change Solomon's  bedroom to make it more toddler friendly for him. Time to move out the crib (since he hasn't slept in it for a good 4 months now, HA!!).
Bookmarking // meals to add in my meal planning rotation for the month! 
Opening // a new journal to start writing my prayers again. I miss doing that so much.
Giggling // about how much Solomon loves his smoothies. Sometimes he even asks for them the second he wakes up!
Feeling // warm and fuzzy about so many things.

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