weekly three.

April 7, 2017

This week was so weird!!! I legitimately thought that Tuesday was Friday, then I went to bed on Wednesday in shock that it was almost Thursday. Yea, really weird. I blame all the hormone changes going on in my world thanks to the night weaning that has officially been happening for over a month now. Maybe TMI, sorry, but my head is all over the place!!  I'm so happy that it's friday and the crazy storms are behind us. All sunshine and beautiful seventy degree days for the next week. Hallelujah!!! Hope your weekend is beautiful and sunny!

Birthday lunch for Jocie at the fun new spot in downtown Greenville, UP on the Roof!

bubbles and snacks on the front porch yesterday, even though it was a little chilly. I couldn't tell him no anymore after all the rain was finally gone and the sun was shining.

loving the new planner I got thanks to Breen and her creative ideas to make a planner that really does have everything you need for meal planning. Sitting down to plan out next week was fun!! Hoping to share more in the coming weeks once I tweak my plans a bit. I love that I can plan our meals & my cleaning schedules all in one place.

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