weekly three.

April 14, 2017

I may not be doing monthly posts about our little guy anymore, but it is important to note that he is nineteen months old today! Crazy. I can't believe it sometimes, but then he does something that makes me die laughing and I realize how big he is. My little toddler baby. It's also crazy how each season of motherhood is my new favorite with him, it really just keeps getting better. Our week was a productive one and I'm ready for the very busy Easter weekend ahead of us! The weather is going to continue to stay beautiful all weekend long and I'm excited to spend time with my sweet family. Hope you all have a beautiful weekend. He is risen; He is risen, indeed!!!

Looking for eggs in the front yard so we can practice for this weekend!

sushi lunch date with all you can eat sushi is always a good idea!

I've noticed recently that Solomon sleeps EXACTLY like I do. On his belly, one leg curled up and most of the time his hands are tucked under his chest. It kind of kills me and makes my heart ache to see random similarities like this. 

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