party time.

December 14, 2016

My mom and I had so much fun hosting our annual ornament exchange party, over the weekend! It is always the best party of the year, and we love doing it. I honestly can't believe we have been having this party for NINE years now. Crazy! Of course we have so many ideas for next year, since it will be the 10th annual party. We have so much fun entertaining together and we really love having a room full of our favorite women. Seeing the combination of my friends and my mom's friends is always fun, and I can honestly say that most of the friendships go both ways. I love all the women that my mom love, and she loves my friends like she loves me. These women are truly a gift, that's for sure! 
(ps, notice all the ornaments on our tree at the TOP of the tree... ha! Thanks to Solomon, of course.)

So thankful for a Mom who is also my best friend!
& really thankful for those sweet ladies that helped clean up while I put Solomon to sleep after the party. The sweetest clean up crew around!

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