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December 8, 2016

I thought it would be fun to capture one of our normal days at home during the holiday season. It has been a while since my last Day in Our Life post!! Solomon was only crawling back in May when I shared it... crazy how much he as grown and changed since then. Anywho... here was our day on Tuesday :)

8:30 - wake up and snuggle for a bit in the bed until he starts to crawl off, which means we are starting our day! We go in his room to change his diaper and then head downstairs so I can get my morning coffee that Peter made for me. 

9:00 - while I'm drinking my coffee and we are watching the voice, (by the way, Christian Cuevas kiiiiilled it!!) Solomon has his morning dirty diaper so we head back upstairs to change it. Then back down to finish his favorite show (this boy loves music!!) and read books, also! 

(He looks so grown up in this picture & it ABSOLUTELY kills me!)

9:35 - we eat breakfast together and I clean up the living room  as he walks around eating his breakfast bar. He's not a huge morning eater since he drinks a lot of milk at night but he has gotten a lot better about snacks in the morning.

9:45 - I've noticed during the past week that anytime he eats he starts to freak out and cry for milk, then I'll nurse him for a bit and he'll go back to eating. He never wants water but only to nurse. I think he is having some pain with his bottom molars coming in so he's wanting to nurse for comfort. He's also been a little rough while nursing so that's not very fun... 

10:15 - daddy taught Solomon how to climb up on a box and look out the window when he's bored. Haha, he can stand up there and look outside forever!!! 

10:40 - we go to the kitchen to eat a snack, some oranges and Greek yogurt! I clean up the kitchen while he eats and skin some sweet potatoes since I'm planning to make him some fries while he naps for his lunch when he wakes up. 

11:10 - head upstairs to play in his room while I try and organize his drawers. He doesn't fit in his 12 month clothes anymore so I'm moving all of that out and rearranging the 18 month things. 

11:30 - he starts to scream Momma and runs to his sound machine, pointing up at it with a big smile. This is his way of asking for his nap! Just in the past month he has started asking for naptime and bedtime, and I love it! No more fighting sleep, for the and most part! It still takes him a while to give in to sleep but he loves the process of going to sleep now. I nurse and rock him and shhhhh, until his asleep!

12:40 - an hour later and he still wouldn't lay down in his crib, so I walk downstairs holding him and he gently wakes up while nursing a little more. He happily walks around the living room and we head back upstairs to change a diaper and put on our clothes for the day! 
Typically we would eat lunch now but I'm sure he won't be hungry since he spent the last hour nursing 80% of the time!

1:00 - I let him run around the house some while I cut up his sweet potatoes into little fries. Bake them in the oven while we go back in the living room to play and color! His favorite activity, lately. 

1:30 - back in the kitchen to eat his sweet potatoes! Then back to play with crayons for a bit longer after eating his potatoes and some string cheese. 

2:10 - after throwing the crayons a couple of times and explaining that they will be put away if he throws them one more time, you guessed it, they were taken away. With a smile on his face and a sneaky toss of the crayon I took them and put them on the shelf explaining that I told him no to throwing. He then throws his body on the floor and cries. I'm learning the best way to discipline him as he's getting older and definitely understands what I'm saying and what I mean now. I let him cry and scream for a couple of minutes and then took him to the couch in my lap to explain what he did wrong. I've started to do this while I'm nursing him because it is comforting to him and I really think he is listening better that way. I told him that he isn't allowed to throw the crayons and that is why I took them. I repeated that it's not nice to throw things and asked him if he understood, he shook his head yes and patted on my arm. Sweet boy, such a personality and so stubborn, sometimes!

2:30 - he begins to rub his eyes and I can tell he is sleepy again since he didn't have a great nap. I ask him if he's ready for night night and he runs to the stairs. Once we are upstairs he falls asleep quickly and is finally down in his crib.

2:50 - I'm back downstairs to do some cleaning and unpack the rest of the Christmas decorations. I sit down to plan the rest of the week and make my lists of things I need to do. 

4:00 - I decide to take a break from working to have a snack and edit the pictures for this post on the computer. I also need to work on tomorrow's post, so I do some of that, as well. 

4:49 - Solomon wakes up and he's not very happy... poor guy is never happy when his naps are messed up. He normally sleeps from 12-2, or maybe 12-3 sometimes, so this whole 2:30-almost 5 is confusing. We come downstairs and he drinks some milk to make him happy again. 

5:10 - left over pasta is in the oven reheating for dinner. My mom is coming over to babysit while I go to small group, and Peter is in Augusta working so I'll be going solo tonight. I decide to stay home since Solomon has had a rough day and needs to nurse way more than normal. It's nice to have dinner and hang out with my mom, and have some fun with Solomon while GiGi is around. 

The rest of the night is spent hanging out and then going to bed later than normal thanks to that late second nap! Every day is different in the life of a momma, that is one thing I can always bet on....

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