Solomon // fifteen months.

December 15, 2016

Yesterday was the big 15 months for Solomon. It really does seem like a big month for him, Every single day is full of new words, new activities and new cute little faces! It is so much fun to spend my day with him, and I have never been so thankful for the chance to stay at home with him. Here are some of the little things I wanted to remember about month fifteen. 
  • Starting to say HOT and reaches out his hand to touch, but doesn't touch it.... mainly this happens when my cup of coffee in the morning. 
  • Squeals when he is excited and happy, his eyes get big and he looks so cute!!!
  • Has learned to say water (wa-wa & my, which is mA'an, Arabic for water), grape (wape), orange (oooah), apple (apa), tree (teeee) thanks to the Christmas tree,
  • Starting to listen so much better and minding easier as long as he doesn't have a tantrum! If only we can get him to understand that he can't throw everything! Food, water cup, books, toys.... seriously everything! 
  • Loves going to bed now, one night he even went to the light switch in his room and pointed up at it saying byebye!! If only he would enjoy sleeping all night just as much! The most we've gotten lately was 10-2:30, and Peter thinks in my sleepy state I was confused and it was really 12:30? Who knows??? 
  • Had his first stomach bug but thankfully it was all diaper related and not throwing up. 
  • Has his molars coming in, the top left tooth has come through a bit and the top right is very swollen. He has been very fussy and nursing around the clock because of it!
  • Really loves music!!! We've noticed that his mood is so much happier when we have music playing, he will even eat more at the table if we turn some on. Also loving to dance and clap to music. 

keys are also a favorite thing, he squeals "keeeeeey" and then usually says byebye!

crazy hair, all the time... 

& that dimple, that is going to cause us so much trouble, I'm sure!

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