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December 20, 2016

Littles are one of my favorite posts, and since it's been way too long, I thought I'd share some of the little thoughts spinning around in my head today. It has been a busy season, like all Christmas seasons, and I'd like to remember some of the little things that didn't have anything to do with December at all. Just the normal, everyday, little things that I hold dear......

one // moments when I realize how much I look forward to that slow time every day, when I get to rock and snuggle a sweet boy as he falls asleep drinking his milk. I'm not sure how much longer this breastfeeding journey will be for us, but I do know how badly I'll miss it when it's gone

two // during a date night last week, we were excited to sit at the bar for dinner since we never get to do that these days. I remember so many of our dates being at a bar top and watching the cocktails being mixed and enjoying simple conversation with my guy, but then we couldn't find room at a busy bar so we ended up at a table. I then realized I don't really care where I'm sitting, as long as it's across from my handsome husband 

three // I recently noticed Solomon's eyes were almost brown, really deep in color and hardly any blue or green which isn't normal, but I also noticed that he was wearing a brown shirt. sure enough, once his shirt was changed to a grey, the green was back... I kind of love that about his eye color, always adapting to what he's wearing like mine do

four // while Peter is off this week, I'm looking forward to some slower mornings in bed while Solomon hangs out with daddy downstairs, like yesterday morning; but hearing him stand at the bottom of the stairs and scream MOMMAAA, made me laugh! Peter brought him back upstairs to see me and as he was leaving, he asked if he wanted to go back down, which usually makes him crawl off the bed as fast as he can.... but instead, he put his head on my chest and then kissed my cheek, I almost burst 

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