Goals // 8.15

August 3, 2015

We made it to the final month. The last month without a baby. The countdown is on!
I can't believe it is August already. I know everyone says that it flies by and then the last two weeks feel like 100 years. We'll see how it goes but I don't have any super high expectations for my situation to be any different than most women, mainly so I'm not let down when September comes around and I'm still very much pregnant. But, we'll see how it all plays out, and I'm excited to whatch God's magic unfold once Solomon decides he's ready to join us. 

Taking advantage of my early mornings during this month ahead.... 

July Update
1// Finish the nursery so we can enjoy August and not feel rushed - so excited about how adorable everything looks. Still have a few things to do here and there but majority of everything is ready!
2// Travel to Niagara Falls for the Family Reunion and a cousin's wedding - we had such a fun weekend with family! I shared a little bit of that HERE and HERE.
3// Enjoy the baby shower for Solomon, given by my sweet girlfriends - it was such a fun day with my sweet friends and I shared all of the awesome details HERE.
4// REST! (a third trimester must) - thanks to the swollen feet I have been making rest more important. Trying to get the best sleep possible at night and going to bed early is helping a lot, also!

August Goals
1// Prepare some frozen meals for after Solomon arrives
2// Pack the bags for the birth center
3// Finish the Hymns Series by SheReadsTruth
4// Go on one last date night with Peter before Solomon arrives
5// Finish up the room and wait for baby boy

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