Niagara Falls // Eliya Family Reunion

July 24, 2015

The trip started out bright and early, last Wednesday morning, and it all started great! Thanks to the little peanut in my belly waking me up for a trip to the bathroom at 3:45, I was wide awake and had time for breakfast and getting ready so we could leave for the airport around 4:50. Once we were on the plane things hit a low.... picture this.

Oh, let me grab my camera and delete all the pictures since I just loaded them to the computer for extra space on my memory card...... turn on camera, hit the review button, "NO CARD" flashes on screen. Then realizing that I never grabbed the card from the computer after I loaded all the photos the night before.

My heart sank. I was so sad but hopeful that we could find a replacement once we landed. After two trips, one to Target and the other to Radio Shack, we learned that those cards are very out of date and they don't sale them anymore, so Amazon was our best bet. I honestly considered having my mom overnight me the memory card from our house to the hotel, but that was crazy!

Thankfully our iPhone cameras take great pictures so we were able to snap a lot of shots with our phones. Here are a few of the highlights that I want to remember in the years to come....

Our beautiful view from our room which was even prettier at night!!

Our first night when we arrived was beautiful and we enjoyed a fun dinner at Water Street Landing. It was so nice to see all the family and sit back and relax together.

The next morning my sweet hubby went to pick up this amazing doughnut that tasted like a slice of birthday cake with some half decaf coffee for me! It was delicious!!!! I may or may not have had this several mornings.....

The Eliya Family Game day is one of the most fun parts about the family reunion every five years. This year included water balloons, and some games with some lunch. It was a day of perfect weather and all the work that was put into the day was so appreciated. We all had such a great time. 

The only day of rain during our trip was on when we visited the Niagara Falls, which means we all got soaked anyways, so it really didn't matter! It was so beautiful and I'm so glad we decided to do the Goat Island Cave of the Winds Tour since I couldn't do the boat tour during my third trimester. It was so fun to still get close to the falls and not be trapped on a boat. 

It was such a great trip with the big and crazy Eliya family! I'm so glad we got to enjoy this little get away before our baby boy joins all the fun.

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