Taking Stock 007

August 7, 2015

^^^ the cutest little frog thanks to Diana Basna Artist!
It's so nice to have a talented and sweet cousin!!!

Just fair warning... this is most definitely a pregnancy/baby taking stock post because that is honestly all my brain can comprehend at this point. Sorry, it's the truth and there is no escaping it, so I decided to go with it. 

Making // so, so many to do lists
Cooking // hardly anything, I just don't have the desire or energy
Drinking // water and crunching ice like a champ
Reading // so many amazing birth stories lately (also watching, like this video that made me cry like a baby)
Wanting // my body back
Looking // forward to all the fun holidays ahead with our little boy
Wasting // nothing....? I guess it's a good sign that I can't think of anything being wasted right now
Wishing // little man would stop pressing on my gallbladder
Enjoying // all the great massages that husband has been giving
Liking // the relaxing acupuncture appointments I started last week
Wondering // how the sleeping/feeding schedule will work out but putting together my Mom's On Call inspired schedule makes me all kinds of giddy
Loving // the way Solomon's room is finally coming together
Hoping // baby boy comes on time... or before time, either would be great
Marveling // at how my body has made room for another person, God's way of creating life is amazing and I'm so thankful to be a part of HIS plan
Needing // to finish packing those bags for the big day
Smelling // everything, that sensitive pregnancy nose will not be missed
Wearing // flats, not even gonna attempt to wear heels until October
Following // all the amazing mommas on instagram
Noticing // how much I hate not knowing when Solomon will decide to make his first appearance, the planner in me is dying
Knowing // our world is about to change forever, but I can not wait
Thinking // about how we are ONE MONTH EXACTLY from the due date (insert heart eyes emoji)
Bookmarking // so many books and advice on Pinterest for postpartum help
Opening // my new planner that I bought for the new season of parenthood (will share soon!!!)
Giggling // about all the tiny pieces of clothing that I have been washing and folding, it makes me feel so happy I might burst
Feeling // impatient

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