July 30, 2015

I've always been drawn to music (even though I can't sing very well!!!) and when it comes to worship, I can't get enough. I've talked a lot about my love of worship and how closely that ties to my faith, so when I started working on my playlist for labor and delivery, I realized that all the songs I wanted to select were songs of praise to the Lord. I think during that time I will need to draw strength from my faith and rely in His goodness for the power to push through. I wanted to start a new study for the month of August since this will be my last month before Solomon joins our family. I wanted to find something that would help me during the task ahead of birthing him, so I decided to start with my favorite, She Reads Truth. I wasn't sure what I would choose but after seeing the Hymns Series I knew that was the right choice.

I'm really enjoying this study, and I'm only on day 3! Digging deeper in the songs that we sing to Him is so refreshing. The layout of the days are great and easy to complete. The normal bible verses to start, then the written study but then the study ends with the hymn that the day is focused around. You can listen to the song, meditate over it and just be one with the Lord. I love it. I listen to the songs several times and soak it all in, writing my prayers and reading the study. It is also wonderful to find some new songs that I wouldn't normally pick for my labor and delivery playlist, now having a strong connection to the song. 

My prayer is to find God in a deeper level in all of these songs & use that when I need it most. To truly search for Him and sing the praises to Him. My head is constantly being pulled in 50 directions right now, so finding the time to sit and worship Him, and put everything else aside has been amazing!

Have any of you completed these studies?? 
I'd love to hear what you have learned!

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