last vacation with no baby littles.

July 20, 2015

I knew the vacation from over the weekend would be wonderful and I was honestly excited to have one last trip without being worried about a diaper bag and feeding/sleeping schedules. I was not a fan of needing daily naps and dealing with swollen hands and feet with a few braxton hicks contractions thrown in the mix for fun, but that is part of the deal with pregnancy and traveling. It was still an amazing trip and here are a few of my favorite littles from our time in Niagara Falls......

being able to help out with my sweet nephews over the weekend // watching Peter dance with one of the little girl cousins, and praying for a baby girl one day in our future // sleeping in and having breakfast in bed almost every day // taking long, hot showers in the amazing bathroom with a rain shower head // the super fun game day with all the family where I took all the photos since I couldn't participate in the slightly dangerous games because they are all crazy!!


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