Some Flannel, Boots and a Chick.

October 9, 2014

Greenville was blessed with true fall weather over the weekend!! It even felt like it was almost winter on Saturday night since it was in the 40’s. I didn’t mind one bit, I was so excited to dig out my sweaters, boots and thick wool socks! Or steal my husband’s socks. On Sunday we enjoyed an early morning with some adorable three year olds and then went to the late church service. We had communion like we always do on the first Sunday of every month but it felt more refreshing than normal. More sacred. October is here and it feels like a fresh start in many ways. Stepping into our second year of marriage, finally finding a comfortable spot to serve in our church and loving on sweet kids, enjoying this beautiful weather that this new month brings… it is all good stuff and I’m so thankful for it! I’m also thankful for cozy flannel shirts and the cute chickens that make our backyard a little more fun. Sunday was a great day. Except for the Jets losing, but we won’t talk about that.

^^ that's Tina Turner. She's our tallest chick so she of course wins that name.
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shirt: Old Navy (so many kinds), jeans: Loft, boots: old gift from my Mom, 
bracelets: Rocks and Ruffles (win yours here!!!) & Banana Republic, necklace & ring, Forever 21
lips: Loreal Colour Riche, Pink Cashmere, nails: essie, The Perfect Cover Up

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Leah Mancl said...

Your jewelry is so fun! Accessories are always the last thing I gravitate toward, but I wish they were more of a priority. I love me some cute bracelets.

CassieEliya said...

Thanks!! :) I do love accessories and I've enjoyed finding a good balance over the past few months.

Susannah said...

You're always just too cute!!!

Sarah said...

Love the plaid! Adorable!

x Sarah

CassieEliya said...

you are sweet!!!

CassieEliya said...

Thanks!! :)

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