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October 7, 2014

Where do I begin….? First of all, I have to give a HUGE shout out to the beautiful, Morgan, for giving us SOOOO many recommendations. We loved all of the places we were able to try and this romantic, hidden gem definitely did not disappoint! Okay, now that I gave my virtual hug, I can continue swooning about Panza. I always love to find hidden gems in new cities and this place was so wonderful. I used Open Table to book our reservation and when we arrived, we both were a little confused. The place was tiny and we couldn’t find a hostess as we pushed through the line out the door. We were then told by another party waiting that they had reservations at 7 (ours were at 7:30, and we were 10 minutes early) and that we just have to wait in line for a table. Still confused, Peter went to the kitchen area to check on our table and he was told that we needed to wait in line. So, we did. Soon after we were given a back corner spot by the kitchen area which I normally wouldn’t prefer but the entire atmosphere of the busy Italian restaurant was so charming, and not to mention the constant smell of fresh garlic in the air. We loved it. It was delicious and very well priced; we were able to get a bottle of wine, appetizer and two meals without breaking our dinner budget. Even with the first impression of the restaurant we both agreed that we would glady come back if we lived in Boston. I now understand why Panza has so many high reviews, it really is incredible! Just make sure you have reservations... trust me, you'll want them.

^^these muscles were so good, cooked in white wine sauce and a huge amount of garlic,
we were soaking up all the juice with our bread

^^ Peter got blue crab ravioli with a tomato cream & lobster sauce,
and I got the veal marsala with a side of penne and marinara,
we both LOVED our meal!

Some other honorable mentions:
drink // amazing drinks and the best burger I've had in my entire life.
Eastern Standard // another great place for drinks and a great option after a Red Socks game, the service was also wonderful
Deuxave // honestly the most expensive place we went to but it was worth every penny. This was also our anniversary dinner, so we splurged!
Toro - the Gallows - Seiyo Sushi - Myers + Chang // these places are on the same street and we loved all of them! You really can't go wrong with any of these restaurants and they all have different kinds of food and atmosphere.
Render Coffee // lastly, the coffee and the bagel sandwiches at this cute coffee house were so gooooood.

I know we will be making a trip back to Boston in the future and the food has a BIG part in that decision. It was seriously so wonderful!! 

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