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October 20, 2014

First things first – Thanks to my sweet friend, Cassie, for nominating me for this behind the scenes tour! I love the friendship that we have created over the past couple of years. It's so great to have someone who understands this crazy blog land so we can bounce ideas off of each other. I'm so glad that we met each other and have become such wonderful friends!!
Read Cassie's Post Here!

^^ this is where all of my blogging goes down! 
In the comfy corner of our couch with my fuzzy blanket :)

What am I working on...?

Right now I am preparing for the holiday season ahead of me. I love this season because I can share so many fun DIY projects and recipes with all of you. We love to entertain in our home, so I always get super excited around this time of year with parties and events, and I love to share those here! I'm also looking forward to testing the waters in the fashion posts this winter. Since I have not been posting fashion themed posts that long, I'm excited to show off all of my favorite winter accessories in the coming months. 

How does my work differ from others from its genre...?

I like to think that I have a fusion of many different kind of themes here to keep you guessing, but at the heart of everything I write, I hope that you see His presence there. Even if I don't talk about the Lord in every single post, I know that the push in my heart to keep typing comes from Him. I truly believe that this little world I have created is a gift from the Father and I can only pray that I glorify Him in everything I say and do here. He is the main focus for me, in everything I do. 

Why do I write/create what I do...?

When I first started blogging in 2010 (seriously, it has been that long?!?), I honestly did it because everyone was doing it. I loved to read other blogs and I thought it would be a great way to document my life and an excuse to write something to look back on one day. Now that I have been doing it for five years I have realized what a huge passion this really is for me. I love sharing all of the many gifts that the Lord has given me and I still look forward to looking back on all of these stories one day. Most of all I like to push myself to be a glass half full kind of person. I know that we all have problems and bad days, trust me- I do have them, but I always strive to make this place happy. I named my blog Living on Cloud Nine for a reason, I want to find joy in all that I have around me. In the people, the food, the travels and all those little things too, like recipes, fashion and making our house a home. 

How does your writing/creative process work...?

I am a big fan of organization and I love to be prepared weeks in advance. I use a monthly calendar to schedule posts and then I dig deeper each week to set what I will be writing and make sure everything is executed well. I also love to read many blogs to inspire and trigger new ideas for future posts. I try my best to do most of my writing on the weekends so I can schedule everything for the week ahead and enjoy my week nights with Peter at home. 

^^ Heart & Arrow makes my new favorite blogging tool.

So that is a little behind the scenes of my Cloud Nine!
I have loved this series so much and I really enjoy reading and learning about other blogs, as well.

Where to go next....?

You may remember Amber from a few weeks ago when I was on vacation in Boston. She did a Fashion guest post here and I loved it! I knew I wanted to know more about her blogging style and hear more about her plans with a new blog. I'm excited to see the changes ahead for her!

Kiki has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers and I'm a big fan of her blog project, The Circle. She always has gorgeous photos and wonderful writing! I can't wait to learn more about her process with blogging and how she makes such authentic material and creates great ideas.

Thanks to the ladies that are taking part in their own Behind the Scenes post a week from today! Make sure you all put them on your calendar to check them out :) 
& of course, thanks again to Cassie for the nomination! 


Cassie Lee said...

Yay!!! Thanks for joining in :)

CassieEliya said...

Thanks for the invite!! :)

Kiki said...

Thanks again for the link and tag! I loved reading more about you and your blogging and how much blogging has really pushed you to be more optimistic and just really share your faith and life, too. You're doing all of that and more, my friend! :)

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