Goals // 10.14

October 1, 2014

My favorite month flashed by just like I thought it would, but it's okay - it's still my favorite season! The fall weather has been so perfect around here lately. I'm also feeling refreshed and happy after the amazing vacation weather in Boston. Fall is such a happy time!!! Before we move on to October I want to share how my September goals went...

September Goals
1// Do something fun for Labor Day - we enjoyed a relaxing day with Bella while my Mom was out of town. You can see our little trip downtown HERE.
2// Spoil my Mom in Savannah for her Birthday trip - Savannah was exactly what my Mom and I needed, we had a blast. You can see all of the fun HERE
3// Celebrate our One Year Anniversary in Boston - it was wonderful!! A lot of details coming your way next week :)
4// Buy a new pair of boots for the Fall - I didn't find a new pair of boots but I did finally buy a pair of converse sneakers which I am sooooo excited about!
5// Finish one stocking - so, this didn't happen either. I tried, I really tried! But it takes time and time is not soemthing I have a ton of because of the many things that fill my days, weeks and months. BUT, I'm still hoping to finish them before Christmas. HA!
6// Drink more waterfor the most part I have been doing really well with this. There are definitely days when my water intake was lacking but 90% of the time was great!

and for the next....
October Goals
1// Have our photos taken for our One Year Anniversary - I know we won't do this every year but I love the idea of having some photos to celebrate our first year of marriage!
2// Finish the women's bible study at church - I have recently started a women's bible study about being biblically oriented and I'm so excited to see what I learn from the women teaching at our church. SO EXCITED!
3// Help plan my grandmother's 80th Birthday Party - we are so excited to give her a party with all of her family and friends so she can celebrate this big year. I can't wait to share all the details!!
4// Renovate the 1/2 bath and back hallway - I'm crossing my fingers SO HARD that we can pull this off. It needs to be done badly and we have been putting it off ever since we moved in. Now is the time!
5// Start my Christmas shopping - this is a huge goal for me!! I want to be finished with all Christmas shopping before December so I can enjoy the holidays and not feel rushed to buy gifts like I do every single year!
6// Carve a pumpkin with Peter - this is one thing that Peter and I have never done together... and after having six years of October's together, I think this is tragic! So, we are going to make it happen this year. 


Pam Pridmore Graybeal said...

I will take photos of your #6 October goals!!!

CassieEliya said...

haha, thanks! I'll keep that in mind!!! :)

Mariel Collins said...

We are having fall pictures taken this weekend. I am so excited about them, I can't wait! You have awesome Oct goals:)

CassieEliya said...

FUN!!! Hope they turn out great, can't wait to see them!

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