Taking Stock 004

October 22, 2014

Making // pasta, my favorite warm and cozy meal! Loving the organic brown rice pasta from Trader Joes right now, too.
Cooking // a lot of hard boiled eggs for salads. No idea why I didn't start doing that a long time ago with the chick's eggs??
Drinking // ice water like ca-razy. With limes, of course.
Reading // through Numbers. Still behind in the #InTheWordin1Year study but I'm pushing through.
Wanting // more time in the gym but excuses are so easy to find.
Looking // at pinterst way too much for inspiration with our back hallway/bathroom renovation!
Wasting // coffee. Why must it turn cold so quickly?!? 
Crocheting // still struggling to finish the stockings. I'm tempted to buy some pretty ones this year instead. I could always make a blanket out of the stuff I've crocheted so far...?
Wishing // Peter's work travels wouldn't start again. Bummer.
Enjoying // The Black List! We finally started watching the first season on Netflix, so no spoilers!!!! 
Liking // the cold chill in the morning and nights recently.
Wondering // how long it will take for my hair to grow?!? I got a little scissor happy several weeks ago and had two inches cut off. I regret it almost every day. Grow hair, grow! 
Loving // all the gorgeous leaves everywhere. The yellow ones up above are my favorite!
Hoping // for THIS under the Christmas tree. {hint, hint - Peter!!}
Marveling // at the amazing couples that the Lord has put in our life with our community group. So wonderful and I so thankful for it!
Needing // so many naps lately.
Smelling // a lot of fall candles. Best time of year for that exact reason.
Wearing // my cozy robe a lot lately, still haven't turned on the heat in our house. We are holding off as long as possible!
Following // so many bloggers that are pregnant. Definitely not helping me out over here!
Noticing // how amazing the Revlon Colorstay line is. EVERYTHING in it is superb!
Knowing // that the typical stress for a newly married couple is coming. With this being our second year of Thanksgiving and Christmas together, trying to make room for everyone in both families is no joke. Stressful.
Thinking // that I can't make crockpot mexican soup every night, but wishing I could. 
Bookmarking // all of the amazing holiday store magazines... Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel & West Elm, oh my!
Opening // my new planner so I can start planning things in 2015! Don't forget to use the discount code for your own, the code will be good until the end of this year!
Giggling // at the rare moments in the past several weeks that I have scared Peter. I've been trying for over a year to scare him in our home when he least expects it with no success. He scares me all the time, even when he doesn't mean to. HA! So our score is around 39-2 right now. I'm working on it.
Feeling // grateful.


Cassie Lee said...

NUMBERS?! Girl I'm going to come after you hahahah

CassieEliya said...

I know!!!! I'm so bad! BUT...... I have a plan to get caught up this weekend so it's gonna happen!

Chelsea said...

That pasta is so good!!

Lisa Pray said...

Love this post!! Smelling fall candles AND bookmarking holiday home decor sales... we would be good friends, my dear :) :)

CassieEliya said...


CassieEliya said...

thanks girl!! :) I believe we would!

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