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October 15, 2014

I am so excited to share my new planner for 2015 with all of you today! As some of you may know, paper products are my favorite!! I could spend hours in card shops & the office supply isles are my favorite in any store. It can be a problem but I keep control most of the time. Picking out my new planner for the year ahead is always one of my favorite fall things to do. I was looking on Etsy a couple months ago when Plum Paper was a suggested shop for my account. I almost died. These planners were so beautiful and the quality looked amazing. I knew it would be hard to steal my heart after using Erin Condren for the past few years, but Plum Paper did it. The layouts were similar (but even better, I think!) and the price was much more reasonable. Take a look below at all of the amazing qualities!!
ps, keep scrolling to find a discount coupon!! 

^^ the front and back have a frosted clear plastic cover for protection
and the metal spiral binding is great quality

^^ laminated tabs so they won't fray or tear

^^ pretty pages for each month (it's the little things!!!)
& a full page for notes at the beginning of each month, which I love

^^ full month view with a section for notes on the side

^^ and of course my favorite feature: the morning, afternoon and evening sections but even better than the EC Planner thanks to the list sections at the start of the week and the end of each day. I always make these lists myself in my current planner so I'm excited that they are already included for the new year....
& the folder in the back is also great for extra papers

So, how do you purchase your own BEAUTIFUL new planner for 2015?!?
Visit Plum Paper, pick your cover design, select your weekly spread option, 
and use CLOUD910 for 10% off! 

Have you purchased your 2015 planner? Care you share what kind you have?? 
I love to hear from others and their favorite planners!


Chelsea said...

New planners are the best!!

CassieEliya said...

You are so right!!! Love um!

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