A new kind of and.

February 20, 2014

So far this month my goals have been going pretty well and I’m almost finished with that #2 item; completing the gallery wall in the front hallway. I finished my first DIY print a little while ago and I've had all the photos printed for the other frames but there was one frame that I was having some trouble with. All of the frames used for the front hallway are from IKEA and I've really liked them but the one I was having problems with is an odd shape. The frame is 9”x9” so it was a little difficult to find the right photo to fit. I finally realized that I should make another print to solve the problem. 

After some searching I decided I wanted to paint an ampersand but not your average ampersand. I found many examples on Pinterest and wanted to do a little tweaking to make it my own. It kind of looks like a letter E also which conveniently works for our home since our last name starts with an E. I also decided to make the print a little more personal and added our wedding date below the ampersand because that day was the official date that we became an AND. Peter & Cassie. I love the way that sounds!

**This post is not sponsored by IKEA.

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