A Dream.

February 24, 2014

I had one of those extremely vivid dreams last week that I couldn't seem to shake. Gladly it wasn’t a sad or scary dream, it was wonderful and happy. Strange, but happy. Peter and I were in San Francisco and we found a house that we loved that was for sale and decided to move there. The house was beautiful with a view of the water and big wide open windows so you could see everything. There were people all around and everyone seemed so happy. The sun was always shining so everything was bright and we loved it. Oddly enough we were helping the former home owners move out and we were moving our things in. Nothing looked familiar to me because it was all new things but it felt like home. It felt comfortable.

I remember waking up and looking around the room and realizing I was in our real home. Here in Greenville in my normal bed and Peter was snoozing beside me. It surprised me how I was initially sad because the dream wasn’t true. It confused me because in my heart I don’t feel that way at all. I love our home and our life here. Our family is here. All of our friends are here. Our church and growing church family is here. Our life is here.

San Francisco will always have a special place in my heart. That is where we created our first memories as husband and wife on our honeymoon. Where I was so content and elated with this new married life together I could hardly contain it. I still feel that way today but that happiness has just grown deeper. I know that at my core I have a need and a want to be the best wife and helper I can be for my husband.

Since this dream I have been praying to understand the meaning of it. I believe that dreams are a part of you and can give you insight for your life. I also believe that bad dreams are a form of attack from the devil and that the good dreams are a blessing from God. Some kind of gift from Him to show you a deeper part of yourself. So I’ve been praying to understand that.

I now feel like that dream was a little peek at my heart. It is big and full of light and that is not because of a trip to San Francisco or even the man that I am blessed to call my husband; it is because of the Savior that I have inside my heart. He makes all things new and good. He shines that light on us and He wants to shine it out of us so we can share His love and grace with everyone. That is what He has called me to do. He makes everyday new like that new house in my dream. I can take out the old and replace it with His blessings, His favor and His goodness because I know that everything in this life is ultimately His. My heart, my life, my marriage, everything.

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