Goals // 3.14

February 27, 2014

& let's start with those February goals!

I'm pretty stoked that I completed all of the goals except for the last. Vegan meals. The only way I can explain my lack of making new vegan meals is the fact that we love meat. Five months ago when we got married we both agreed that we would have a vegan diet during the week and then enjoy meat on weekends because of health reasons. I would still like to make this change but it is really hard when I'm working on our meal plans for each week. It is a lot easier to throw some chicken in a pan and toss it with a salad. I'm still going to try and learn some new recipes so I can substitue a few meals next month.
We'll see how it goes and hopefully I can share some good feedback and recipes!

As for everything else on the list I have either shared the details with you already or I'm planning to this coming week so stay tuned!! Now on to March....

Yes, it is crazy that we are about to enter the month of March already. I really love this month and I'm excited about the fresh new Spring-like weather that will hopefully come with the weeks ahead. All of the goals for March are exciting and a few have been in the works for a while but I can't wait to finally execute them and share them with the world. I have high hopes that I can accomplish all of these but we'll see. Crossing my fingers!!

Any of you making some monthly goals? Comment below so I can check them out!!

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