Living Room Re-Do // Part Two

August 29, 2013

Several weeks ago I decided it was time to tackle the second project for the living room. The first was painting the walls and since that was a quick and easy job I was excited to do something a little more fun. When we first saw the house I loved the fireplace. I didn’t want to change it at all but the more we started adding new cool colors to the house the more the fireplace looked out of place. My mom had said from the start that we should do the white wash but I wasn’t so sure but after a lot of thinking and internet searching for DIY White Washing I decided to go for it! Thankfully with mom’s help {both on the fireplace and with pictures} we completed the job and I am so happy with it!!!

The room looks so much bigger and brighter thanks to the lighter color on the brick which was a huge plus. It didn’t take long at all and it honestly was a lot of fun and the steps are so easy….

1 // mix 2 cups of white paint with 1 cup of water. Stir vigorously with a paint stick until the paint is thinned out and it has a watered down glue consistency.

2 // tape off all the areas you wish to protect from the paint .

3 // brush the mixture on one piece of brick to test the color and with a dry, clean rag blot the paint off. If you want a darker white wash keep layering the paint on and blotting until you find the coverage you desire.
{ I didn’t want a lot of coverage so I only put one layer of paint and blotted quickly }

4 // stand back and enjoy!!

I will definitely enjoy this project even more once the gold framing for the fire place is spray painted black. I will be doing that pretty soon and you know I will share the fun with all of you!

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