Just because....

August 12, 2013

......he makes weekends more fun.

After over a week of this guy being away for work I was very excited to spend some quality time with him over the weekend. But… I was not that excited about the list of things we needed to complete over the weekend. I figured the weekend would be an annoying one when all I wanted to do was just sit and relax with Peter but that wasn’t the case.

From Friday night all the way to Sunday night we were non stop. Dinner plans, shopping for the carpet for our living room, shopping for wedding bands in a super busy mall, painting our bedroom furniture while he was staining the kitchen floors, cutting up the massive tree that fell in the back yard… it was a busy weekend. A weekend that I honestly thought would be draining and frustrating but the exact opposite happened.

Spending the weekend working on all of those not so fun tasks with a very fun future husband was exactly what I needed. It’s nice to realize that he can make anything fun. With his silly way of making me laugh and the way he makes me feel loved in the simplest ways makes me super grateful. The lack of stress in my life during the very stressful season is such a gift from the Lord and I never want to forget these moments. The laughing and fun that I'm having with my fiancĂ© while we prepare to become husband and wife will always be one of my favorite parts about us.
I love you Mr. Eliya & I can’t wait to be your Mrs.

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