A song on a Sunday morning.

August 14, 2013

I love how worshiping and singing to Him can do such powerful things to your heart. I’m an emotional person. I’m always the girl in church that can’t be still when we are singing the songs and I usually have tear filled eyes because I find those moments so overwhelming in the best way possible. Standing there in that big room filled with people using their voice to worship a worthy King is just something I will never grow tired of. Those moments are precious to me.

At church on Sunday morning we sang a song that I’ve heard a handful of times but just like every time before I felt the Spirit move within me. Goosebumps, heart beating fast, blurred vision from tears, all of it. Below is a video from Bethel Church singing the song…

The second verse moved my heart so much. The words are perfect.
chains have been broken
eyes have been opened
an army of dry bones is starting to rise
death is defeated
we are victorious for You are alive
He is alive. We are victorious because death has been defeated by Him alone. That is a big deal and something that I want to wake up every morning and go to bed every night thanking Him for. Truly acknowledging what He has done for my heart and my soul. He has won. Hallelujah! God be praised, Hallelujah!!

Hallelujah! O my soul, praise God! All my life long I'll praise God, singing songs to my God as long as I live. Don't put your life in the hands of experts who know nothing of life, of salvation life. Mere humans don't have what it takes; when they die, their projects die with them. Instead, get help from the God of Jacob, put your hope in God and know real blessing! God made sky and soil, sea and all the fish in it. He always does what He says - He defends the wronged, He feeds the hungry. God frees prisoners - He gives sight to the blind, He lifts up the fallen.Protects strangers, takes the side of orphans and widows, but makes short work of the wicked. God's in charge - always. Zion's God is God for good! Hallelujah!
{Psalm 146 1-10, The Message}

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