twenty dollar treasure!

August 15, 2013

Thanks to my love of estate sale shopping I found this beauty a few weeks ago and I couldn't wait to start working on it. I knew I wanted to give the famous Annie Sloan Chalk Paint a try and I felt like this piece was perfect for a test run. 

I've been looking for a piece of furniture for the living room for a while now. Just something simple and small to put a lamp and a few picture frames on but I couldn't find the right thing.  I wanted a little bit of character but also something small enough for the space by the back door to the deck and once I saw this little guy sitting in the garage at the estate sale I felt it speak to me. You know, like those Pier1 commercials... "hey lady... Psssst, over here. check me out. I know I have some cobwebs, holes in my drawers & I'm missing some knobs but I just need some love." Which of course lead me to respond with, "oh, okay... let me love you!" I then asked if they would take $20 instead of $30 and it was a sealed deal... 
love was in the air.

As far as the ASCP goes... I was a little nervous. I was told that this paint didn't need any prepping at all. No sanding, priming, nada. Just clean the surface and start brushing away. All was going wonderfully until I got to the top of the piece. I guess there was some sort of water stain that wasn't noticeable until the white paint was brushed on top of it. It started with a light orange shade coming through the paint and the more ASCP I added the stain started to become a darker outline. I decided to take some Kilz primer spray paint to try and cover the stain. After dabbing on the Kilz with a paper towel and letting it dry I tried a second layer of ASCP on top. Success! The stain started to disappear. 

Then it was on to the wax. After reading a ton of blogs on how to complete this process I figured out less is definitely more. I was told by the shop I bought the paint and wax from that 100% cotton rag or even a sock works best. So, using one of Peter's old soccer socks I applied the wax all over the piece of furniture in the same stroke motions that I applied the paint. Like I said, less is more. I put enough to see the difference but it was still smooth to the touch and not thick. After leaving it for a day to sit and dry everything looked great. 

So, after a little bit of nervousness with this process and a lot of brushing I was very happy with the outcome. Now the only thing left to do is buy some pretty knobs for the drawers and add wood in the bottom of each drawer. Those need a little extra love and that is perfectly fine with me! I will share the final product once he's completed and the decor is finished in the room... I know you all are dying with anticipation. ;) 

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