4th of July and some other fun things...

July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July errrybody!

I’m pretty excited about this year’s holiday! Last year was a little different.  I had to work and we did the whole fireworks and eat a lot of food downtown kind of thing which is always fun but its just not going to happen this year. I am once again working but not my 9-5 job. I’m working at my anytime I have time to actually do something at the house job which is a lot more fun. We have a lot of painting, sanding, cleaning, sanding, patching walls, and more sanding to complete before we can take a rest. I also have a feeling after a day of hard work the only thing I will want to do is shower, sit in my pajamas and have a cold beer while watching some Netflix. Don’t judge. It will be awesome. Plus, I’ve never been a huge fan of fireworks for some reason? Just for fun here are some more updates for the house......


I'll be honest... I didn't want to share my excitement too early in the planning stages since I was a little afraid it wouldn't happen. You never know what might come up and we weren't 100% sure removing part of the wall would actually work. My Uncle Larry was so kind to help during this whole process, from checking the structure of the house to finally tearing down some house!

We were hoping that we could do a half wall but thanks to some copper pipes from the second floor bathroom we were limited to only widening the door. The more I thought about it, I started to realize I liked that option even more. I think it will be nice to have the open flow from our kitchen to living room but still have a secluded area for our kitchen table.

^^^Thank God for technology... the only scale we had on hand was on Peter's iPhone. 

^^^lots of wires... I was so confused. Thankfully, they were not. 

^^^ Big open space to the kitchen now! 

^^^Peter has started filling in the part of the dry wall that was cut to check on the pipes and once the walls are wallpaper free and everything is smooth we can finally start panting our kitchen!

I know I sound like a broken record over here but I can't wait to live in this place!! I do feel super blessed that we aren't handling all of these changes while living in the house but it also feels a little bit like torture to not really call this place home yet. I know it will feel so surreal once that changes.

I also want to express my gratitude and thankfulness to my wonderful uncle that helped with this project. He was so sweet to take time out of his busy schedule last week to help us out.
We really are super thankful! 


Cassie said...

Ooo, what a good idea to make that door wider! It'll be great to see the finished house :) Love your simple-yet-elegant-and-cute blog design, by the way!

Of Thoughts and Things

Cassie said...

Thanks girl! :) I can't wait to share the finished room soon!!

Cassie said...

Hey, I was working on fixing up some walls over the holiday, too! Holidays are good for work projects! Our wall had started falling down because it's 120 year old plaster...I'm so happy to have it fixed!

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