4th of July!

July 5, 2012

Fourth of July was an interesting day….
I woke up with some ickyness in my tummy (yes, I still say tummy at 25. So what?) but had to go on to work since I was the smart one that volunteered in my department. Most of the day was spent catching up on work since it was slow and I hoped that some lunch would help with the stomach pain. That’s was not the answer, but a nap was!
Thankfully after a quick nap and some relax time I felt all better!!

Peter and I took my mom out for some dinner and fireworks in downtown Greenville.
It was fun, just the three of us… sipping on some beer, eating some food and enjoying the fireworks.
The traffic after wasn’t as much fun but it was worth it because I love spending time with two of my favorite people!! 
Even if it means sitting in a car stuck in traffic! And listening to REM because Peter wanted to. 
Honestly, I’m not a fan. Just sayin...

Hope you all had a magical July 4th with all the fireworks and fun you could stand!!
It’s almost Friday… that deserves a little happy dance.
Do it, a little jiggity jig never hurt ya!

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