New House Littles.

July 2, 2013

During this whole process of making our house a home I've realized there are a few little things that I want to remember forever. Those things that happen and make you smile but then they are gone and you simply forget them. I don't want that to happen. I want to hold on to these special moments because life moves so quickly. I want these little memories that have already filled our home to be just as special as all the big ones that will fill our future.... 

spending time with my maternal grandmother while painting the downstairs bathroom... while rolling those walls I tried my best to soak in every word that was spoken between the two of us because I know how special that time is // slow dancing with Peter in the kitchen on top of all the scraps of peeled wallpaper when John Legend's song Slow dance came on Pandora // standing at the sink washing out the paint from a paint brush and thinking about all the many dishes and pots and pans that will also be washed in that very spot and feeling a smile come across my face // listening to my mom and Peter laughing and talking in the kitchen while I'm painting in another room... i can't even begin to explain how happy it makes me that they like each other and have fun when they spend time together // letting go of my need to have control only to realize that the color Peter picked for the formal living room really is perfect

I mean, seriously... look at that smile. love this man so much! 


  1. This is all so sweet! I think the dishes part is the CUTEST! I'm so excited for you guys (and myself - I've got all of this stuff still to look forward to!)

  2. This is sooo cute! :) Excited that you and I can share the same feelings! I'm getting married Oct. 5th! :) When's your big day?

  3. September 28th!! Yours is coming up quickly also!

  4. Who knew I would get excited about doing the dishes...? haha! You will love every second of all this fun, I know it! :)


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