Thanks-Living // June

July 1, 2013

June has been so full of life & I can't believe it is over already! As you probably expect, the whole month has been about the preparations for the wedding and our new home. Things are really coming together and I can't believe how fast it is approaching. Already less than three months. Unbelievable. BUT the month of June was a wonderful one and here are a few of the things I am thankful for.... 

1. Summertime cookouts! The tasty grilled sausage with grilled lemons (thanks Apple family for the amazing idea) just makes the summer evenings so dang summery and perfect. I love a good cookout with some fun people.

2. Finally getting to put some paint on the walls makes my heart so happy!!!!! Yes, five exclamation marks worth of happiness.

3. My new found love of Estate/Yard Sales is making my house full and keeping the bank account full too! I never thought I would look forward to waking up bright and early on Saturday mornings but for the past two weekends I've had so much fun. The chair above is an old, solid wood desk chair that I'm going to put in the study with my mom's desk she grew up using. The chair is the perfect match and I picked this baby up for only $20!

Yup, it has been such a great month and I'm ready for July.
It is going to be so exciting and packed full of all kinds of happiness!!

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