Suuumma Time!

July 3, 2013

My sweet friend, Amber, over at Beauty in Humble Places inspired me to find the good in summer. Normally I’m not a fan of the hot months but I think I need to find God’s beauty in this season also. Like the way the sun heats up my skin in a new way during the last few weeks and all the little freckles pop out to say hello. Or the way my hair doesn't need as much attention thanks to the simple way I can air dry my curls at night while I sleep. And probably my favorite part, the way the sun stays awake a little longer so I can accomplish more in my day. I guess summer isn't all that bad after all.
To try and change my attitude about the next few months of heat I thought I would create a little bucket list of some fun things to do….
1. take a trip to the lake. Last year Peter and I went to the lake with our sweet friends, Katie & Cody, and it was such a fun time… we need to make that happen again.
2. have a girls night trip to the Biltmore Estate. This may or may not be in the works already so I could be cheating with this one but I don’t care.
3. plant some pretty annual flowers in our front yard. I want to plant some bright plants for a pop of color and since they will be annual flowers I will be able to enjoy them every year.
4. read something that isn't “required” reading. Over the next several months I will have a lot of required reading thanks to my girls’ bible study and our marriage counseling but I also want to make room for something else to read just because.
5. continue my love for estate/yard sale shopping on the weekends. I have found so many good finds for our future house for a fraction of the cost and I think I am slightly addicted. I’m hoping to find a few more bargains on some big pieces of furniture to save us some money and also have an eclectic style for our future home.
6. take a mini vacation from blogging. Sometimes it’s nice to step away and relax for a week or two. Give my fingers a rest and unwind a bit… it always makes me enjoy writing more and its fun to have so much to blog about when I return.
7. plan a trip to ikea. We have a few items on our wish list from ikea and this summer will be the perfect time to go and pick them up!
Hopefully I will be able to fit all this fun into the busy months ahead. I’m a huge “List Maker” and as long as I have something to cross off I have a feeling I will be able to accomplish them! Crossing my fingers… we’ll see what happens.
Do you have a bucket list this summer?
Leave a comment to share some of yours or leave a link if you blogged about one also.
Happy Summer everyone!!!


Cassie said...

love this list! :)

Cassie said...

Thanks for the inspiration! ;)

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