those moments when reality kinda smacks ya in the face.

November 19, 2012

With all the holiday hustle & bustle going on it has suddenly hit me…. This will be my last Thanksgiving as a single woman. It will be my last Christmas with me and my family the way it has been since I was born. Next year will be completely different.

I will be a newlywed. With a husband. With a new family all my own… just the two of us but also combining our whole families together. Connecting two sides through marriage forever.
Making decisions and plans and starting our new life.

This is such a fun experience but at the same time I’m trying to soak everything in.
Make memories of the little things that I usually don’t think twice about. Celebrating Thanksgiving at my house for the first time with my whole family. Drinking coffee and watching the parades with my mom on the couch. Spending Christmas Eve at my grandma’s house for the 25th time. Helping the little kids pass out all the gifts after stuffing ourselves with too much food and peanut butter balls. Waking up in my bed on Christmas morning and opening Santa with my mom and brother. Going to my Dad’s for Christmas day lunch and gifts.
All these things are traditions I know.
Traditions I look forward to every year.

I know that everything will change and evolve but I’m okay with that too.
I’m so thankful for the man that the Lord has sent my way. I can’t imagine making new memories with anyone else but until that day comes along I am going to enjoy the traditions that are a part of who I am right now. 
I’m so blessed to know that everything around me is a gift from God and this time of year makes me thankful. My heart is full and content and comfortable.
Happy Thanksgiving Week, friends!

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BriBrooke said...

This post hit so close to home with me! I'm not an engaged lady yet, but I know well I hope it's coming soon. I get sad thinking about how my holidays will change, but you're right the new memories will be so worth it! Great Post!

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