Some Thursdays

November 30, 2012

Are all about waking up a little earlier than normal thanks to a cute dog nudging you in the back to go outside which isn't the normal for me but since I am house sitting for a friend and keeping her dog while she is away I experienced that little bit of cuteness yesterday morning. I also enjoyed the adorable coffee shop by her house and  picked up a tasty latte and blueberry muffin. 98% fat free people, and super tasty! {Confession, I only eat the tops of muffins} Yesterday was a super busy day that zoomed by which forced me to work through lunch but I also got to eat free pizza left over from a meeting in the building. Score. Then I threw on some skinny jeans and rushed off to a night with the girls and a little bit of jewelry heaven for a Stella & Dot party! The night ended perfectly thanks to a phone call from the best photographers ever to let me know that our engagement pictures were ready which of course means I will be driving you all CRAZY over the next couple of weeks with every single one of them. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Yup… I love those kind of Thursdays! Happy Friday, friends!!!

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